Sunday, 18 February 2018


Conspicuous Presence,
Trocadero Guest Curator Program 2018
OPENING WEDNESDAY 21ST FEB - Please join us!

Image Khi - Lee Thorpe, Unseeable, 2017

Conspicuous Presence makes visible the work of five Australian women artists. Through the heightened material presence of their work, the artists’ deploy conspicuous methods of commanding our attention.
The Women’s Art Register, historically inclusive of a wide range of cultural and political identities, shares our IWD platform with these five contemporary artists.

All women of colour, we acknowledge their presence and listen to their voices.
Artists: Georgia MacGuire (Indigenous Aust), Khi-Lee Thorpe (Indigenous Aust), Sofi Basseghi (Iran/Aust), Su Yang (China/Aust), Ema Shin (Japan/Aust).

Gallery 2 will feature material selected from across 43 years of the archive of the Women’s Art Register, with a projection program in the Trocadero 'Nooky' space.
Exhibition Dates: Feb 21 - March 10, 2018
Launch event: Wednesday, February 21, 6-9pm
Artist Talks: Saturday,  March 10, 4-5pm (final day of show)
Venue: Trocadero Artspace, Lvl 1, 119 Hopkins Street Footscray          
Hours: Wed-Sat 12-5pm

Catalogue essay by Sophia Cai

 The WAR Diaries - The Women's Art Register at The Roundtable

Image by Carmel O'Connor

Please join us on Sunday, March 25th, from 1-3 pm at ACCA for a discussion at The Roundtable. Part of ACCA's Unfinished Business, the Roundtable is a participatory component of the exhibition.

WAR committee members, volunteers and friends will discuss a number of questions;

What is the Unfinished Business of the Women's Art Register?

Is WAR undervalued and under-recognised by major institutions?

How can we (re)position WAR's unique place in Australia's history as a critical force in contemporary politics and culture?

In what ways are WAR's unique open access policies and grass-roots management indicative of the collaborative and participatory nature of past and present feminist practices?

How does the cross-generational collection represented by the Women's Art Register contribute new insights into current mainstream discourses that, at times, overlook the historical record? 

This is a free event, however bookings are required here via the ACCA website.

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