Wednesday, 11 March 2015


'CHAIN' (2013-14)

Jack Robinson has been honing his fine woodwork skills for more than a decade. Scots and Scandinavian blood lend grit and precision.
Robinson is now working with sculpture. This means he is using his talents to create less urgently practical outcomes. If the exactitude of the craftsperson is hard to quit it has him seeking curious outcomes and foreign media.

You can check out his latest thoughts and activities here:

Showing at WINDOWSPACE-BEEAC (Mar-April 2015) 
'CHAIN' (2013-14)

CHAIN is a playful exercise in material knowledge, hinting at a darker side.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015



Gainger Bros Garage was established in Main Street BEEAC in 1917. The front facade of the garage tells its story. Initially the Gaingers sold push bikes, then Harley Davidson and Triumph motor bikes and Dort cars. A very successful  Austin dealership followed, along with sales of De Soto cars and Fargo utes. 
A comprehensive book about Beeac by Dawn Missen and Anne Trigg offers more detail:

The Gainger Garage was housed in a fine Federation brick building with a handsome window display area. It is this area that is now being repurposed as a not-for-profit artist run initiative (ARI) which will encourage the showing of contemporary art work in BEEAC.