Tuesday, 13 September 2016

StARTers Market

WINDOWSPACE has been asked to mention this event in North Melbourne ...

“....  exciting new initiative is being launched on Sunday 16th October 2016 as part of the Spring Fling Festival to showcase and support Melbourne’s large number of talented artists & creators. 

Sponsored stall spaces are being offered specifically to emerging artists, designers, photographers and makers who have had minimal previous exposure and are looking to get their talents recognised!
Successful applicants can choose to either sell their work or simply exhibit at the market, and expressions of interest will be accepted from individuals and small groups with all levels of artistic experience. Participants in the first StARTers Market will be chosen based on their creativity, diversity and focus on sustainable practises, and are encouraged to make their space at the market exciting with colour, music and opportunities for people to interact with their work.”

Press release is attached and this is the facebook event specifically for the StARTers Market. Have also attached some images of how it will look on the day. They are given 2 fence panels and can do what they like to exhibit or sell their work within this space. Will be located on Victoria Street.

Links related to festival are provided below.


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