Sunday, 1 May 2016

2016 - 4 LEE MULLEN - MAY 2016

2016 - 4    LEE MULLEN 


'Lee is an Australian visual artist whose site integrative, multi disciplinary practice seeks to challenge contemporary urban idealism whilst exploring narratives of utopia and abstraction, temporal and spatial anxieties, social tensions, visual language and knowledge.' (Artist notes)

Mullen's work AW is a site specific response to the the Beeac area and its volcanic plains, craters, saline lakes and their associated flora and fauna. It also references the immediate vicinity of the WINDOWSPACE window.

In the artist's words, AW - is:
a two way display; an impermanent propositional placard for banded stilts and a lifestyle invitation to humans  ... A visible discourse blending entwined notions of migration, environment, lifestyle, tourism and home, whilst reflecting on the homogeneity of the desired contemporary interior and contemporary art’s role in this coveted sameness ...

AW toys with the extraordinary travels of the banded stilt as metaphor for what we do and don't want, or need, and how we make this our 'destination', how we perceive location and how it guides us.

WSB welcomes Lee Mullen's critically evaluative approach which acknowledges the intricacies of location and subtly responds in sensitively chosen media. 

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