Wednesday, 6 May 2015

'the lake project' WINDOWSPACE-BEEAC - Dates

presentation of 'the lake project' outcomes is deferred until July.

'the lake project'   Dates

'the lake project' will be in WINDOWSPACE on Mon 10 May 2015.
The 'collaborators' will give an indoors, illustrated presentation of their findings, thoughts and outcomes for four acres adjacent to Lake Beeac
on Sunday 7 June at 79 Main St Beeac

'Silence does not always exist to be filled. Sometimes it should be respected.'

'... someone showed some people the particular beautiful little plants, and told them a little bit about it. And then the plants were taken; probably to be grown somewhere else for profit. But the minute you take that plant, the rest of it all just dies. The ancient knowledge should stay there. When the ancients used it they only took part of a leaf to help with childbirth. Now it never grows back, won’t grow back. I know where there’s more, just a bit more. But now I can’t even show that to anyone.'
– Max Dulumunmun Harrison in My People's Dreaming: An Aboriginal Elder speaks on life, land, spirit and forgiveness, Finch Publishing, Sydney, 2009, p.26–27

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